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What We Do

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on:

  • NCOMPUTING – latest Virtual Desktops System and innovative cutting edge technology;
  • RESPONSIVE Ledger – simple accounting software suitable for any organisation that need keeping records of its financial transactions;
  • 4IPNET Wireless – hotspot gateway for internet cafe or hotspot wireless connection;
  • TPLink / EnGenius – long range access point antennas for hotspot wireless connection;
  • AVIRA – data management, system Security & virus protection;
  • EASEUS – data backup & recovery

Our secondary focus is on:

  • Computer Repair & Troubleshooting;
  • Sale of Computers & spare parts, Printers, UPS, ┬áLan Switches, Wireless Lan, Network Peripherals, etc;
  • Website Design & Hosting;
  • Online Data Storage;
  • Database Design & Installation;
  • Setup & Configurations of Network System, MS Active Directory and Email System;
  • Design of Booklets, Flyers, Certificates, & Business Cards.

Our Business Approach

What we do is not just about doing business, but an endeavour to develop Kiribati by way of identifying appropriate technologies, as solutions that will establish and promote accountability, and productive management of an organisation and even an individual.

We also have to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding service, increase flexibility, and greater value, thus optimising functionality, and improving operation efficiently at a low cost.

Our Charges

We charge our customers depending on what they require from us, and additionally there is a every job agreement fee (which can be a one off payment for customers who agreed for continuous support & service) and add to that labour charge.